Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang Fly Orb With LED Lights

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• Mind-blowing flying spinner toy with incredible aerobatic tricks and stunts
• Easy to master and perfect for solo play or with friends
• Dazzling colored lights for a mesmerizing flying experience

Product Description:
Experience the thrill of the Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang Fly Orb with LED Lights! This mind-blowing flying spinner toy is designed with an ingenious hidden drive mechanism that allows it to perform incredible aerobatic tricks and stunts. Within just a few minutes, you'll become a master of this mesmerizing toy.

Whether you're looking for a fun way to pass the time alone or want to enjoy some friendly competition with friends, the Flying Spinner Ball is the perfect choice. Team up, create exciting games, and challenge each other to see who can perform the most jaw-dropping tricks. It's not just a toy, it's an absolute cure for boredom!

With its tripled battery life, this flying spinner will keep you entertained for hours. Simply turn on the power button, hold the center axis, and give it a spin. Watch in awe as the Flying Spinner Ball lights up the sky like a neon shooting star with its three dazzling colored lights.

Not only is it easy to get started, but this flying spinner also offers endless possibilities for flight. Experiment with different throwing speeds and angles to perform high-speed maneuvers and create unique flight paths. You'll be amazed at the incredible tricks you can achieve with just a few throws.

Made with durable materials, the Flying Spinner Ball is drop-resistant, ensuring it can withstand the occasional mishap. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere, so you can enjoy the thrill of flight wherever you go. Plus, with a flying time of 6-8 minutes and an R/C distance of 8-10 meters, there's no limit to the fun you can have.

Spark your creativity, take a break, and refresh your mind with the Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang Fly Orb with LED Lights. It's not just a toy, it's an experience that will leave you and your friends in awe. Get yours today and prepare to be amazed!


This product is a mind-blowing flying spinner toy with an ingenious hidden drive mechanism that can perform incredible aerobatic tricks and stunts. It's simple to master in just a few minutes and a total blast to play alone or with friends. It can fly anywhere, makes a great Christmas gift and is the absolute cure for boredom!

This products is even more fun with friends. Team up, create games and enjoy friendly competition. It's the perfect way to have fun or encourage teamwork at the office. Take a break, spark your creativity and refresh with it.

It looks like magic but all you need to do is to spin it up and give it a toss! A miniature internal motor gives it the power to perform wild tricks. Different throwing speeds and angles allow different flight paths, tricks, and high-speed maneuvers. With just a few throws, you will quickly begin to understand the infinite possibilities for flight. Turn on the power button, hold the center axis and spin the wheel to start it.If you wish to stop playing, just catch it and stop it.

Basically, With three dazzling coloured lights, your Flying will look like a neon shooting star when you shoot it across the sky. Moreover, It's easy to get started with the Flying and you need to turn on the power button and hold the Flying upwards, then simply shake to start and give it a toss. However, It can spin ultra fast while hovering in place and It make things even more interesting by spicing up your catches and passes with different moves.

Furthermore, It can climb straight into the air on its own, before it comes back down for a safe landing in your palm.


Dynamic lights

Safe for children


Fly as Boomerang

Tripled battery life

Product battery: 3.7V 120mAH

Charging time: 30-35mins

Flying time: 6-8mins

R/C distance: 8-10m

Material: Electronic Components,Plastic

Product size:9.5X9.5cm

Function: rise, fall, turn left, turn right, forward, backward, induction

Package Contents:

1x flying-spinner set


Q1:How to turn on/turn off it?

A1:Keep the charging port is up,then press the power switch and swing FlyNova Pro with your wrist,and the wind blade will start to rotate.Swing FlyNova Pro again,the wind blade will stop rotating.Press the power button again,FlyNova Pro will stop working.

Q2:Why it impossible to throw for return?

A2:Please keep the charging port is up and thrown out at an angle of 30°, and the ball will fly back by itself.Please practice a few times

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