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What type of masks are best for protection from coronavirus (COVID-19)?

No mask can block viruses 100%, but they can do a great deal in preventing the spread from people who have the virus, and reducing the chance of healthy people from getting it.

The most commonly used medical masks are:
Surgical Masks
- N95 Masks

N95 Masks provide a very high protection against viruses, probably the best kind of masks out there.

The only issue is they are limited in quantity and they are one of the most expensive types of masks ($10 to $20 dollars each).

And since they need to be disposed after each usage, this doesn't seem like a practical solution.

Surgical masks on the other hand, are a good option although they don't provide the same strong protection as N95 masks. However, use of surgical mask in addition to practicing caution and ensuring clean hands and face can greatly reduce chances of getting the virus.

They are lightweight and fairly cheap. This is certainly a far more practical option for the public.

However, since most countries are out of stock you can only find it in online stores which mostly come from China. China is currently supply the world for most masks and medical supplies for protection.

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