What is the coronavirus (COVID-19) and is it dangerous ? | GAZIBO

Coronaviruses are a common type of virus and not new. The new type that spread recently in the beginning of 2020, originating from the City of Wuhan in China, causing respiratory illness is called COVID-19.

What are the symptoms of this virus?

This type of virus can cause cough, fever and shortness of breath. If symptoms increase the situation can become even more severe and may lead to death especially if the patient has a weak immunity system or a current illness. One should seek medical emergency as soon as these symptoms appear.

Is it dangerous and why? Yes

And one of the major concerns is that it can spread quite fast, especially through close contact with other people who have the virus.

One of the problems is that it takes days and perhaps up to weak for symptoms to become apparent, which means one can spread the virus to several people without realizing. Due to the fact that it spread quickly to tens of thousands of people it is now considered a pandemic.

There is currently no treatment for this virus and many countries are still working on a vaccine. Until then, it is best to try to avoid contact with people and follow cautionary measures, such as staying home, washing hands and face, wearing a mask if going outside to reduce the chances of getting in contact with the virus.

Use of medical masks can reduce your chances in getting the various. 

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