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Coronaviruses can only spread from person to person through close contact, by taking certain measures you can reduce or even prevent the possibility of catching the virus.

Protecting ourselves goes hand in hand with Protecting others!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is tricky. Meaning you might have it and not know as it takes days for symptoms to show (if any show at all!). Therefore, these methods are important to ensure we protect everyone and get protected.

There are 5 simple but very effective methods to achieve that.


1.     Physical Distancing and Self-Isolate!

Since the only way the virus can spread is through close contact, ensure you avoid all contact outside your house or premises.

If you must go out for important reasons (such as getting food or going to the pharmacy), ensure you stay away 2 meters from another person.

2.     Wear Masks

Look at China! Everyone is wearing the surgical masks. 

They were able to do an amazing job in containing the virus and ensuring no further infections spread. They were able to do that by ensuring everyone wears masks, infected or not!

Masks do not provide full protection from the virus, however they do reduce the chances of getting it, and if an infected person wears it, it also reduces the chances of spread the virus. 

Therefore, in a combined effort to reduce virus, masks can do great if everyone is wearing them!

On the other hand, this increases awareness of the situation and ensures people act together responsibly to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves from covid-19. 

There are two types of masks:

-         Surgical Type mask

-         N95 Masks

N95 Masks provide much better protection (more than 90-95%) and usually used by doctors and nurses, however are running out of stock and most countries don’t have them. 

However, Surgical Type Masks provide great protection and most of the public in Asia are wearing them to greatly reduce the chances of getting the virus. 

Most countries have run out but some online stores, like are still selling them.

3.     Clean your hands and face

The good news is staying clean is an effective strategy! 

Soap is one of the best things can destroy the virus. 

Since we can get the virus by touching our eyes, nose or mouth, ensure you wash your hands and face thoroughly for at least 20 seconds to ensure the effectiveness of this method.

4.     Be Cautions

We must change our daily behavior to ensure we don’t get infected. This means:

  • Sneeze and cough into a tissue or your sleeve if there is no tissue
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Avoid touching door knobs, elevator keys, etc..
  • Ensure you wash you hands if you touch anything
  • If you are wearing masks don’t touch the outer part as it might be contaminated! And dispose them of after each use.
  • Avoid sharing same items with other peoples (for example: towels)

And always wash, wash, wash your hands and face.

5.     Boost your Immunity! Back to healthy habits.

Just like the common flu, one of the reasons it affects each one differently is because our immunities are different. People with better immunity can fight the virus much better than others. 

One of the best way to increase immunity is to Take Vitamin C. You can find Vitamin C supplements in many markets or pharmacies. Or you can simply take it naturally by eating one or two oranges a day! 

Lemons are also loaded with Vitamin C and a lemon drink (Without sugar) can be a great immunity booster!

Healthy habits also go a long way for immunity


  • Sleeping Early and getting a proper rest
  • Working out - Even if a simple workout for 20 minutes a day
  • Meditating to release all stress. Note that stress can greatly decrease our immunity.
  • Stay protected. 


If your area ran out of stock for masks you can get some here.

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