Can wearing a face mask protect you from the new coronavirus (COVID-19)? | GAZIBO

They can certainly help.

Look at China, they did an amazing job to contain the virus and everyone is wearing masks.

No mask can block viruses 100%, but they can do a great deal in preventing the spread from people who have the virus, and reducing the chance of healthy people from getting it.

The most common masks used are:
- Surgical Masks
- N95 Masks

Surgical Masks are the ones doctor and nurses use regularly.

N95 Masks provide a much better protection in blocking virus.

However, N95 masks are  limited in stock and have run out of stock in many countries or reserved for hospitals. Plus they are quite expensive so it may not a practical option.

Surgical Masks, along with other precautions (washing your hands and face, keep your distance from other etc... ) provides a good protection and certainly decreases your chances of getting the virus.

Surgical masks are limited in stock and most supply is coming from China. Your best bet is to buy it online. Click here to get it online.
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